About Us

About Us

Dr. Farha has been performing minimally invasive vein treatments for over 15 years. He brings his formidable skills he has acquired throughout his tenure as a surgeon in providing the latest vein treatments to his patients. All vein procedures are done in One Vein Clinic by Dr. Farha and his skilled team with little to no pain under ultrasound guidance and no down time.

At One Vein Clinic, our patients are our number one priority, our team works together as one, and we have had great patient satisfaction because we and our patients have one common goal. Please visit us and let us see how we can help.


  • Board-Certified Surgeon
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgery
  • Awarded the Via Christy Resident of the Year for Patient Compassion and Support
  • Chief of Surgery at Orange Park Medical Center (for three years)
  • Taught medical student and surgical residents for five years